Flour and Water

Pasta can be made from two simple ingredients; flour and water. This is the root of myriad of variety of pasta that can be made. The types of flour used will enhance different qualities of the pasta. Using other ingredients like eggs, oils, cream, wine or inks are also vectors in creating unique and distinctive pastas.

Extruded Pasta

This is a method of production where the dough is push through a die. Depending on the cuts in the die, a variety of pasta will be shaped. A straight die will produce noodles like linguine, spaghetti, fettuccine, rigatoni, etc. There are custom dies that will make shaped pastas like fusilli, conchiglie.

Various Dies on PastaBiz

Sheeted Pasta

Pasta can also be formed into sheets. This let’s the chef cut them into flat noodles like taglietti or sheets of lasagne. Large sheets sheets can be used to make ravioli.

Meat Slicers

Antique Meat Slicers

This hand cranked machines are masterpieces of engineering as well as works of art. All mechanical gear driven these machines can repeatedly cut paper thin slices of meat with perfection. Ingeniously they are equipped with their own sharpener and are designed for easy cleaning. Some of the machines are in perfect working order while being over a 100 years old.

Antique Meat Slicer on Volanobiz