What kind of flour to use for extruded pasta

What we recommend in Semolina (Durum).


It comes in 2 forms, a coarse and fine.They can be mixed but I recommend to use the coarse.


Semolina has the highest protein content, about 14%. And is considered the best flour to make extruded pasta.

The fine has more starch and is typically used for ravioli. You can a combination of both fine and coarse or eggs to adjust the taste and color.

The formula for extruded pasta is basically 3 to 1, flour to water. And the water (liquid) content can be any ratio of water with eggs. 


To start, I would recommend you to taste the pasta made from only water and flour, then try new ratios of water and eggs.

When you start to mix the pasta, I recommend you put 80% of the liquid in the first 45 seconds while the machine is mixing. Then mix it for about 3 minutes, then you can use your hand to feel if the mixture will need more water. You should mix for about 10 minutes. A 15 minute mix will make a harder pasta. 

The firmest of the pasta will be determined by what type of pasta you are making, like rigatoni, linguine or spaghetti. And remember, when you are extruding, you are still working the dough so at the end the pasta maybe a little harder.

You can also see the video on our Pastabiz Channel on YouTube: