‘Tis The Season To Roll Up Your Sleeves

Raviolamp Ravioli Tray

I never spent as much time in the kitchen as my mother and grandmother would have liked. I was the sort of kid (and let’s be honest, the kind of adult) that expects dinner to appear, like magic, without stepping foot into the kitchen. When I was faced with the daunting task of hosting a holiday dinner party, Emilio grabbed a Raviolamp from his shelf and pushed it in my direction.

Made by Imperia, the Raviolamp comes with one aluminum tray and a rolling pin. I invited my friend Alex, a culinary wizard if there ever was one, over to my apartment to help guide me through this adventure.

First, you place a sheet of dough on top of the tray, making sure to press the dough down into the moulds. Since I am not kitchen savvy, I bought premade dough sheets from Whole Foods. These worked well although they were a bit dry, but once we brushed them with water they started to soften and the dough was easier to work with.

Next you add your desired filling. Growing up in Florida and spending my summers along the Maine coast gave me a love for all things nautical and all things seafood. I decided to make my filling with crabmeat and ricotta cheese.

Then you cover the fillings with a second sheet of dough and seal around the edges using the rolling pin. This was the fun part. The ravioli really begins to take its shape. I had sprinkled a little flour in the moulds before we started so that the dough wouldn’t stick, and much to my delight, the ravioli came out of the tray with ease.

We boiled our ravioli in saltwater, and topped with a creamy alfredo sauce.

Viola! The entire process takes about an hour or two, depending on how many people you are cooking for. It is a lot of work, but it’s a ton fun, and the Raviolamp simplifies the whole process. With the holidays just around the corner the Raviolamp would make a great stocking stuffer. Emiliomiti carries the standard ravioli shapes (squares, triangles, half-moons) and a more whimsical variety of stars, fish and hearts (eight moulds in total.) Call before January 15th and you can get yours for only $15.

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