About Emiliomiti & Pastabiz

EMILIOMITI is an independent specialty dealer of Italian made kitchen equipment with 38 years of experience in the Italian food industry. We offer a complete line of pasta machines, meat slicers, and custom specialty products.

Our product line caters to a variety of business, from local restaurants and upscale eateries, to markets, industrial food manufacturing and even the home chef. We pride ourselves on carrying equipment that is both dependable and versatile.

Our team provides one-on-one consultations with every client. Our goal is to understand your specific needs, so we can assist in finding the product that is right for you. Consultations and service can also be provided in Spanish, Italian and Portuguese.

Whether you are looking to make your grandmother’s homemade ravioli, or you are looking to open your own restaurant, Emiliomiti will help bring your tradition to the table in as few steps as possible.Your success is our success
portrait of Emilio Mitidieri

Meet Emilio

For Emilio the table is the heart of the home. Growing up in Milan, he witnessed first-hand the impact that tradition has on Italian cooking. Learning that there is no pleasure as great as sharing a meal, Emilio set out to share his knowledge and passion with the world.

Emilio moved to the U.S. to attend college and quickly landed a job working for the Cafferata Ravioli Factory, the oldest pasta factory on the west coast, where he applied modern and highly efficient pasta machines imported from Italy.

Once the factory was sold, Emilio traveled back to Italy to attend conventions and tradeshows, where he learned about new, modern machinery and more efficient ways of pasta manufacturing. Upon his return to the states in the summer of 1979, Emiliomiti was born.

At first Emilio focused his business on importing pasta machinery for restaurants and small manufacturing companies, which was a new and growing business in North America.

As his company grew, Emilio encountered a demand for new kinds of Italian products, like espresso machines, wood burning ovens, gelato machines and other accessories. He became a pioneer of specialty Italian equipment, introducing Panini grills to the North American market and creating a demand for antique and vintage style meat slicers.

Since then, Emilio has been traveling to different regions in Italy, learning about traditions and making them accessible to the North, Central and South American market.

Truly yours,
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President and CEO